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The irony: LGBTQ socialite Maxwell Mwamburi now warning people against sponsors

Maxwell Mwamburi, a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Queer plus community who identifies as female- Maxine Mkamburi, is now warning people to avoid sponsors.

Sponsors are often older, married money men (wababaz) or women (wamama) who ‘hunt’ for younger sexual partners and spend money on them, hence the nickname ‘blessers’.

In an unexpected turn of events, Mwamburi urged people to avoid blessers “as much as you possibly can” in a lengthy statement he released today.

“As someone who’s been there, done that, avoid sugar daddies and moms as much as you possibly can. These people have achieved life and have seen it all and they are in their point of life  where they want loyalty to say the least. They are perpetually on the offensive when it comes to setting their record straight with regard to their motives. Their controlling and manipulative nature shuns the grey zones of compromise and their decided idealism is incapable of accepting defeat especially in the slightest of an argument or disagreement,” began Mwamburi.

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He also warned sugar babies to be wise and not be in a rush to get their sponsors to open businesses and buy cars for them but to save that money instead.

“…especially if you don’t have experience in any field of business you wanna venture into yet. Coz guess what, you will make losses babe. Take your time and do research. How many big socialites rushed to open spas and now they silently collapsed? Let everyone’s case study by a lesson to everyone else!” added Mwamburi today.

His sentiments largely contradict the lifestyle he has been promoting on social media as a queer socialite. Last year, Mwamburi was big on promoting the soft lifestyle funded by sponsors.

He would even hold question and answer sessions advising people on the uptown locations they could go to to land wealthy men, how women should dress and behave to attract and keep the men and the kind of lifestyle to lead afterward.

Personally, Mwamburi always bragged about having an older, married and moneyed boyfriend who treated him like a queen.

He claimed their first date was at Villa Rosa Kempinski, how his man bought him luxury items, including a car, and splashed cash on him. He also claimed that his boyfriend was a senior government employee who was married but still in the closet; and that his wife knew about his relationship with Mwamburi.

However, Mwamburi would twice contradict himself, saying there was no such boyfriend in his life, only to later talk about the same boyfriend doing lavish things for him.

Now, Mwamburi no longer resides in Nairobi but relocated to Mombasa to reopen his businesses, claiming that life in Nairobi was too fast and hectic for him compared to Mombasa. It is unknown whether the move came after the end of this relationship with his “Dzaddy” or if it is still ongoing.

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