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Maxwell Mwamburi’s dreadful warning to clandes cheating with legally married people

Instagram influencer Maxwell Mwamburi, a member of the queer community who identifies as female and uses the name Maxine Mkamburi, warned misters and mistresses (also known as clandes- clandestine lovers) to married people of dire consequences if they cheated on someone who is legally married to the person they are being intimate with.

In his Wednesday, May 10, 2023, statements, Maxwell spoke about these consequences, saying he had seen them first hand and was only out to give moral lessons to anyone in affairs with legally married people.

“Dear side chicks and side dudes, just know that no matter what happens, that married man has a wife and kids first! And if y’all go ahead and get married, have kids and be kicking it behind their backs without their formal consent, be rest assured that karma will find you someday,” began Maxwell.

He went on to speak from his familial experiences and how someone related to him cheated on his wife and had a child with the side woman; and the child ended up developing mental instability in his adulthood. He also claimed some children born from such relationships may also turn out to be dumb, violent, narcissists, drug addicts, thieves and members of the queer community among other vices.

“Never, and I repeat, never take someone’s husband or wife without their will or consent, especially if they are legally married. Those tears, mixed with prayers and fasting will haunt you for the rest of your life! Yes, he will lie to you that you are the only fish in the sea, will give you money but you will never have peace in the future!!”added Mwamburi.

In today’s society, getting into relationships with married people is praised as a means of finding happiness by whatever means- especially if it will guarantee one a soft life from financial suffering. In Kenya, it is now normalized to date married people, especially those who are older and have money, in order to get bragging rights for living a lavish lifestyle.

Maxwell Mwamburi, the mind behind the aforementioned dreadful warning, alleges to also be in one of these relationships. He claims to be in a relationship with a married man who is a senior government official in Kenya but for them, they face no consequences because his boyfriend’s wife knows that they are dating and accepted them.

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