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Ezekiel Mutua’s ‘tired’ advice to unemployed youth lands him in trouble

A suggested solution on how to help curb the rising numbers of unemployment given by Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive, Ezekiel Mutua has attracted the wrath of Kenyans.

Speaking during the Nation Leadership Forum on Monday Dr Mutua said that graduates need to transition from the idea of waiting for blue collar jobs to becoming entrepreneurs themselves.

“We need to transition from the idea of holding papers and waiting for job interviews to creating the jobs ourselves,” said Dr Mutua.


Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga led the group of people who bashed the KFCB boss for his advice.

In a cheeky response Dr Mutunga challenged Dr Mutua to lead by example and do as he is saying.

“Lead the way, mjuaji!” tweeted Dr Mutunga.

Kenyans on Twitter were impressed by the Twitter knock out response from the former CJ and joined in to give their opinion.