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Fake nudes won’t silence me, vows presidential aspirant

A female presidential aspirant who is seeking to end President Paul Kagame’s 17-year reign in Rwanda has for the first time spoken about her alleged nudes that were circulated last month, a day after she declared her candidature.

Diane Shima Rwigara dismissed the nudes as fake and blamed their circulation on her opponents whom she accused of engaging in diversionary tactics.

“The fake nudes are just one of many tactics being used to silence me. But I will not be silenced. On the contrary all these prove how much our country needs change. New blood,” said Ms Rwigara in an interview with Uganda’s Daily Monitor.


“As things stand now, we have politicians who do not understand the idea of a political debate and who instead resort to tawdry and tasteless tactics.”

She went on: “I would rather we talk about the current situation in Rwanda and the serious issues at hand but my opponents seem to be more interested in making diversion because they know they cannot win the argument. They cannot dispute facts on the current situation in Rwanda.”

The 35-year-old was shocked after the nude photos hit the interwebs in May.


The photos showed Ms Rwigara completely naked and striking poses in different positions inside a house.

The daughter of a tycoon who once bankrolled the ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front announced her presidential bid on Wednesday.

She plans to run as an independent candidate against President Kagame in the August elections.