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Family of boy in ‘racist’ H&M hoodie forced to move

By CHAD KITUNDU January 16th, 2018 1 min read

The parents of the child model at the centre of the H&M ‘racist’ hoodie have been forced to move out of their home because of the global backlash triggered by the campaign.

In an article published by Mail Online on Monday, the Kenyan parents of the young boy at the centre of the row expressed their fears over the saga and how it will affect their son.

Terry Mango and her partner Frank Odhiambo are reported to have also given an interview to ITV where they spoke about the global outrage that has greeted the story.


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“The most unfortunate thing is that my son is very young and there’s a lot that’s going to come with this and that really shakes me a little bit,” Mr Odhiambo said on the show, before adding that his son Liam is unaware of the controversy around the picture.

However, Mango said that Liam believes the interest has been generated by his modelling skills, rather than any controversy around the picture itself.

“He’s seen the pictures and he’s seen pictures online. He believes people love him for his modelling job and that he’s cool and confident in his job,” she explained.

The parents have also called for their privacy as a family to be respected, admitting they haven’t had a ‘normal family life’ since the furore broke, and have even had to leave their home in search of respite from the debate.