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Family to share Sh1b cash reserve that ex-Zimbabwean president left behind

Robert Mugabe’s widow Grace and his four children will have to sit and agree on how to share the Sh1 billion cash reserve the former Zimbabwe President left behind as he did not have a will, Zimbabwe media has reported.

Mugabe, long considered one of Africa’s strongmen, died in September aged 95.

His death came two years after he was toppled by security forces allied to close ally and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa. He ruled Zimbabwe for close to four decades.

And after years of speculation, details of the deceased president’s death have been made public in a letter by his daughter Bona Chikowere.

His other assets include four houses, 10 cars, a farm and an orchard even though a family lawyer Terrence Hussein told the BBC none of these properties were in ‘Mugabe’s name’.

“The 10 cars are a vintage car collection which frankly had value only to him,” Hussein said.

Chikowere’s letter makes no mention of other farms that Mugabe had been reported to have gained ownership of after they were seized during the country’s controversial land reform programme.

The list of Mugabe’s assets enhances the list of how African presidents tend to suddenly amass wealth while in power at the expense of the citizens.

If someone dies without a will in Zimbabwe, the assets are divided between the spouse and the children.