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Film board hounds Coca Cola for ‘kissing advert’

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) says it has taken action against a TV advertisement promoting soft drink, Coke, over what it has termed as offensive kissing scenes.

KFCB chief executive officer Ezekiel Mutua announced Wednesday that the board had a discussion with the management of Coca Cola Central, East & West Africa over the the “Taste-the-feeling” Coke TV commercial.

“The advert will be edited and, effective tonight Wednesday 13th April 2016, there will be a new version without the offensive kissing scenes that violate family values,” Mutua said.

“I want to thank members of the public, including FB friends like Tom Japan, David Sonye, Kigondu Lawrence, Joseph Murimi and others who brought this matter to our attention. We urge Coca Cola to adhere to the Programming Code and KFCB classification guidelines and ensure that their adverts conform to our national values and morality.”

The advertisement features a brief session where a man and women are seen in a compromising position.

Mr Mutua said the board is investigating other adverts, bill boards, online commercials and posters and will issue a comprehensive statement next week.

“All adverts that air within the watershed period (5am -10pm) must be suitable for family viewing. Content meant for adults whether on radio, TV or film must not be accessed by children,” he said.