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Firm bets big on Kenya’s gaming industry

Kenyans have a chance to win Sh30 million in a lottery that started in June last year.

The AfricaMillions lottery is associated with French-based BR Gaming, and seeks to replicate a model used by EuroMillions, a European lottery with a presence in nine countries.

The move is set to ride on the existing lottery market in the country which is dominated by online and mobile gaming.

“We believe the market is big here. The minimum guaranteed jackpot is the biggest amount to be ever won here, and Kenyans will be excited to be part of it,” said Gregory Madaras, one of the directors.

AfricaMillions has been launched in Senegal, Ivory Coast, DR Congo and Gambia.

It has partnered with Kenya Charity Sweepstake (KSC) as its distribution agent.

KCS head of public relations Peter Njoroge, said there were 300 points of sale across the country and plans were underway to engage selected retail stores as distribution joints.

BR Gaming has been toying with the idea of going Africa since 2009 after it received Sh1.78 billion from Alpha Private Equity Fund 5.

“A ticket will go for Sh50 and players will have three gaming options for a possible jackpot win. All entries are directed to a server in Luxembourg, to ensure transparency,” said Madaras.

“Each transaction is recorded in a central system. One should not worry on security or validation of the processes.”

AfricaMillions comes at a time when the government has introduced a 20 per cent withholding tax on winnings from betting and gaming.

Already, casino owners have sought redress on the matter, claiming it would affect tourism.