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Where is First Lady Margaret Kenyatta?

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has been missing in action for the last one month, her absence at key State events raising eyebrows among Kenyans.

Mrs Kenyatta is always beside her husband, President Uhuru Kenyatta, when he is hosting and entertaining dignitaries and visitors at State House.

She’s always flashing her trade mark smile during State dinners and luncheons.

Her maternal instincts are always on point when young visitors show up at the House on hill.

She has missed all these in recent times.

The Nairobi News reached out to State House spokesman Manoah Esipisu for a comment.

Here is how the conversation went.

Mr Esipisu: “So what exactly is your question?”

Reporter: “Kenyans are asking about the whereabouts of the First Lady and her missing during the South African First Lady’s visit.”

Mr Esipisu: “I will get back.”

Reporter: “What time?”

Mr Esipisu: “I will be the one to call back.”

First, when Victoria Beckham came calling, State House announced that she was coming to support Beyond Zero projects, Mrs Kenyatta’s pet project.

Curiously, the former Posh Spice singer was shepherded to an event in Kiambu County before being flown to Kisumu.

In both events she took pictures with the respective county First Ladies.

She never appeared with First Lady in any of her public engagements yet she was here to support the latter’s project.

Then Jacob Zuma paid a highly publicised state visit accompanied by his first wife, Sizakele Zuma.
Zuma was hosted by his counterpart for a State dinner last week.

The First Lady was again conspicuously missing in that event as Zuma and Uhuru led the guests in some energetic dancing.

It was ambassadors Monicah Juma and Raychelle Omamo who kept the small talk going with Zuma’s wife.

In between official meetings, President Kenyatta hosted pupils from various schools at State House for the mentorship programme that has been running for the last one year.

In the past, Mrs Kenyatta has always accompanied the president as he shows the excited kids around the State House.

This time round, the president had to do it by himself.

In fact, the last activity on the Frist Lady’s social media accounts was on September 20, when she received medical equipment from US-based Project C.U.R.E., a philanthropy group that distributes donated medical supplies and equipment across the world.

So, the question remains: Where is the First Lady?