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Five-year-old boy’s agony and pain after near-fatal boda boda hit and run accident – VIDEO

By Amina Wako September 12th, 2019 2 min read

An evening stroll almost turned tragic after a five-year-old boy was hit by a boda boda rider in Kasarani on the evening of August 26, 2019.

Since the accident, the young boy has been admitted at St. Francis Community Hospital and has since undergone an operation on his left hand.


Nathan had accompanied his mother to Mama Mboga’s place along the busy Mradi Road that leads to Sunton Police Station.

Mother and child stood next to Mama Mboga as they patiently waited for their vegetables to be chopped and packed.

“I just saw a boda boda coming our way, I did not know what to do and so I ran away. The bike came right straight to where my son was and ran over him, knocking him to the ground,” Mama Nathan recalled.

The mother was in a state of shock for a few minutes thinking her only child had died.

“A woman picked him up and rushed him to a nearby clinic. First aid was administered before we were asked to take him to hospital because he had been badly hurt,” she added.

The boy underwent surgery and the doctors found out the boy had a broken left hand and serious head injuries.


He also sustained a deep cut just above his right eye that had to be stitched several times.

More than two weeks later, the young boy is still in hospital and healing. His hand had to be implanted with stainless steel because he had fractured twice.

Since the accident, the boda boda rider, who is well known to the locals, is yet to be arrested even after the matter was reported at Mwiki Police Station and registered in the occurrence book (OB) 32/27/08/2019.

According to our sources, the rider who goes by the name Nderitu, is well known to the police officers and was recently released from jail.

“It’s no secret we all know the guy but the police say they need evidence and statements from eyewitnesses,” said our source.

The police admits their hands are tired because the witnesses have not yet recorded a statement with them.

The area residents secretly admit Nderitu, with two other pillions, hit the young boy and fled the scene of the accident, but they are afraid to coming out to record a statement for fear of their safety.

Nderitu comes from an influential family around Sunton and is alleged to be affiliated to a local gang.


As the family of Nathan continues waiting for witnesses to show up at the police station and record statement, Nathan continues to stay in hospital as the mother is unable to clear the hospital bill.

On September 2, 2019, the boy was discharged from the hospital, but unfortunately the two have been detained at the hospital after they failed to raise the bill amounting to Sh 82,000.

When Nairobi News visited the hospital a week after they were discharged, the bill stood at Sh110,000.

A community WhatsApp group helped raise Sh 25,000 which the mother gave to the hospital and the bill was reduced to Sh 83,000.

Being a single mother and the only person taking care of the young boy at the hospital, Nathan’s mother has no way of getting the money and each day they spend at the hospital the increase.

The mother is now asking for the members of the public to help her raise the hospital bill that currently stands at Sh 83,000. She can be reached on the cellphone number 0727871006.