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Why new footbridge on Racecourse road is godsend for many pedestrians – PHOTOS

By FRANCIS NDERITU September 30th, 2018 1 min read

Every time it rains in Nairobi, Nairobians have to contend with the bigger issue of moving around a city plagued with leaking drainage systems, open sewers and traffic jams that tend to get crazy with the lightest of showers.

For a long time, pedestrians using Racecourse Road, at the point right where Nairobi River flows, have had to dare, even risk, crossing the narrow footpath.

Crossing over the footpath in itself has been a delicate exercise that involves maintaining balance on narrow drainage pipes while holding fast to the guardrails.

Pedestrians cross Nairobi River over drainage pipes on Racecourse Road. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

The situation would get worse when it rains. With a flooded road full of potholes, walking across the footpath was always dangerous manoeuver with speeding matatus splashing dirty water on pedestrians.

Such were the perils of crossing the bridge on foot during rainy seasons.


Thankfully, things have gotten better after the construction of a footbridge next to the road for pedestrians to cross the river.

The bridge is wide enough for several pedestrians at a time. It is also secured with guard rails to prevent boda boda riders from competing for the right of way with pedestrians.

Pedestrians cross the newly-built bridge on Racecourse Road. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU