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Former Kenya High schoolmates rally behind Esther Arunga

Former TV anchor Esther Arunga has drawn the support of her former Kenya High school as she battles a court case on the death of her three-year old son in an Australian court.

On Thursday, Arunga told the court that she lied to police about the circumstances that led to the death of her son, Sinclair.

The confession drew mixed reactions from many of her fans and friends.

Arunga’s court troubles has caught the attention of her former schoolmates who have rushed to her corner amid the flurry of criticism in social media.

The fightback by ‘Bomarians’ was marshaled by a Facebook user Jean Ayacko who reminisced on her school days with Arunga.

“Calling on all Ex Bomarians and my friends to help me stand in the gap for Esther Arunga. I was in Form 1 when Esther was in Form 4. She was very smart. An “A” student. Not just that, she was fun, eloquent just living her life like any high school student. I used to look at Esther and her friends and wonder if one day I would ever be like her or speak like her or be graceful yet hyper like her. She was all rounded.

See, Esther was smart as in book smart. I remember her mentioned every Friday at the merit awards. She was all rounded, smart yet also a great dancer and participated in extracurricular activities. Esther was not those form 4s that you forgot about.

Today I am here to tell you guys that Esther is not just that news anchor that you all saw on TV neither was she just Timberlake’s wife or whatever you remember from the media. She is a PERSON. She is me and you. She is somebody’s child. She made a mistake. Everybody makes a mistake.

I am calling on all Bomarians current and former, I am calling on my friends, my Facebook family and my prayer warriors to stand in the gap for Esther. That whatever it is she is going through, may God meet her at her point of need. May she feel God’s love? May we smother her with LOVE?” 

Others joined in.

“I am right here behind you Jean. I remember Esther Arunga. She used to be a blue rag. She came to fellowship every Saturday. Our God is a God of second chances. We all make mistakes but His love and amazing grace always cover us.I will do a live Facebook show for prayers for Esther Arunga, Rose Muhando and congestina Achieng. Whatever the enemy has stolen from these powerful past influencers,may the Lord restore in Jesus name!” commented Rister Blessed Mum.

“I’m deeply touched. God is able to restore all that the enemy stole from her. I choose to stand with Esther,” said Lynette Simba.

“You said it Jean, Esther was and I believe still is such a lovely soul, may God see her through this dark phase,” stated Sarah Akwabi.

“Amen, as an exbomerian and a mother (i can’t even imagine what she is going through having lost her child in such horrible circumstances), my prayers are with her. It shall be well with her,” said Akinyi Awour.

“Prayers for Esther, she was very admirable when she was a news anchor,” said Peggy Kamanda.