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Former Leopards coach ‘assaulted’ by club official in South Africa

Former AFC Leopards coach Ivan Minnaert’s short stint in South Africa has seemingly turned ugly, with the Belgian trainer claiming he was assaulted by his employer moments after being sacked.

Minnaert, who was in charge of second tier side Black Leopards for six matches, was kicked out last week.

He claims he was assaulted by a club official and he is now hospital. He also claims police have opened investigation after he was hit by the car he was offered when he joined the club.

Trouble started when Minnaert was told to return the vehicle on Wednesday but then an unnamed club official came to take it from his home.


“They think I am a dog that they can just throw me out on the streets, but I have my rights,” Minnaert is quoted on media reports.

“They terminated the contract and told me that I need to bring all the stuff by 5pm today (Wednesday). I confirmed that in my answer to them. I went for supper and then I received a call from someone at the club asking where I was. I told them that I’d bring back the car tomorrow as requested and wouldn’t be giving it to anybody else.”

“Around 9:30pm I went home and I went to my bed. Then 15 minutes later I heard the car starting. I went out and saw them trying to leave with the car. I wanted to stop him and said that they wanted needed to leave the car because I needed to take it back tomorrow.”


“Then he went back with the car and at full speed tried to hit me,” Minnaert claimed.

“At the last moment I jumped onto the front of the car to try avoid it, then I fell against the wall. I have back pain, next pain and contusions also. I’m the hospital now and there’s already a criminal declaration.”

Minnaert’s case comes barely a year after Kenya international Clifton Miheso claimed he was forced to terminate his contract at top South African side Golden Arrows at gunpoint. His case is since being determined by Fifa.