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Former Tahidi High actor OJ’s mother ties the knot at 60

Former Tahidi High actor Dennis Mugo, popularly known as OJ, on Tuesday revealed that his mother had gotten married for the first time at the age of 60.

According to the actor, his mother had been single for decades.

The funnyman sent a congratulatory message to his mother on social media, revealing that she found love in her 60’s.

“My mother got married today. She is 60. Love is such a wonderful thing. It’s never too late,” Mugo wrote.


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The thespian recently revealed on his YouTube channel, OJ FLiX, that he was brought up by a single mother who went to great lengths to give him everything he needed in life.

He also revealed how he sank into depression after he squandered all the money he made from Citizen tv’s Tahidi High show on alcohol.

“I am a perfect example of the Swahili proverb of Asiyefunzwa na mamaye hufunzwa na dunia,” he said.

Raised by a strict single mother, Mugo said he got the best as a child, went to a boarding school in class four but became independent after form four.

“I can’t say I was from the ghetto, in all honesty, I was brought up well and I became arrogant, stupid and a know-it-all and I’m not blaming this on anyone, this is all me,” he revealed.

He currently works for the Embu county government in the Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports, specifically in the Talent Academy.