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Four gangsters captured on camera robbing M-Pesa shop – VIDEO

A shocking video clip showing four young men stealing phones and robbing clients in an M-Pesa shop has emerged emerged online.

The one minute 21 seconds clip shows the young men casually entering the shop where several customers are being served from a counter.

One of the thugs, clad in a blue hoodie and navy blue trousers, enters the shop first, draws a pistol from underneath the waist of his trousers catching the clients unawares.

Then his accomplices quickly follow him inside the shop and then herd the customers into two adjoining spaces.

The gangster brandishing the pistol then turns around to guard the door of the shop as his accomplices go about stealing from the shop and from the clients.


At one point, the pistol brandishing thug re-enters the shop and uses his firearm to smash and grab phones from two display stands next to the door.

The thugs quickly stash their loot instead carrier bags they brought with them.

In less than a minute they had done and they quickly get away.

What is disturbing is that the gangsters seem oblivious of the fact that one of the customers inside the shop is holding a small baby.


Luckily, no one is injured during the spine-chilling episode.

The clip shows the robbery took place on November 13, 2018.

The video’s emergence follows the gunning down by police officers of four youths who are reported to have been behind the spate of robberies in M-Pesa shops in Nairobi.

The four, according to the police, were shot after detectives, who were working on information from members of the public, approached the group who instead of surrendering started firing at the officers, prompting them to return fire and killing all of them.

Police said all four victims were aged between 19 and 25 years.