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Frasha responds to King Kaka’s ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ with ‘Wajinga Sisi’ – VIDEO

Rapper Francis Amisi popularly known as Frasha has joined the bandwagon of artistes who are on a mission to continue with King Kaka’s controversial new hit song titled Wajinga Nyinyi that has been trending since its release last week.

In the newly-released Wajinga Sisi, Frasha starts by telling fellow rapper King Kaka that the fight he has chosen is a difficult one and he has decided to stand with him.

In another line he cheekily mentions the lawsuit threat that Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru issued after King Kaka released Wajinga Nyinyi.

Waiguru has since withdrawn the legal threat.

“Hello King Kaka ni Frasha hapa, maze hii fight alone hauwezi toboa, so nimeamuwa kustand na wewe. Naskia Waiguru amekusue, is this true, funny vile judiciary imekuwa circus, judge na politicians wakiwa main acts. Mshukiwa ameachiliwa kwa bondi ya million mbili na kesi yake na billion mbili,’ goes his opening line.

Frasha also boldly mentions Deputy President William Ruto and some of the corruption allegations that have been linked to him.

Frasha also talks about the extra-judicial killings that go without the perpetrators being convicted by the law.

Pastor James Ng’ang’a of the Neno Evangelism Centre is also among the people he throws shade, after his latest outburst directed at King Kaka.

He also addresses the issue of unemployment among the youth even as senior citizens continue getting appointed to government jobs.