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Fred Obachi calls out NRG Radio, Natalie Githinji’s ‘cheap’ sexual indecency

By Winnie Mabel February 16th, 2024 2 min read

A Valentine’s Day poster by NRG Radio caught the attention of Kenyans including veteran journalist Fred Obachi Machoka who had no word to mince for its highly sexualized nature.

In the poster, NRG posted a conversation between a hypothetical man and one of its presenters, Ms Natalie Githinji, about what she would give her man for Valentines.

“Him: Unanipea nini Valentine’s kesho? (What are you giving me for Valentine’s tomorrow? Natalie: (look up hand emoji)” read the caption by NRG.

To look up, one comes across a photo of Natalie Githinji lying with her back on the floor- presumably in a radio studio- her legs stretched all the way up and crossed above her head. This position- despite being dressed in fitting blue jeans- outlined her private parts…a position many men view when being intimate with their partners.

“Women lead in objectifying themselves.” commented controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi.

It was this post that Uncle Fred came across and commented, expressing his disappointment in NRG and Natalie Githinji for cheapening the media/journalism profession.

This is a sign of desperation, makes the profession look cheap which is unfortunate… NRG Radio Kenya management should ask this good lady to pull down this ugly poster down. I am sure decent ladies frown upon such antics!!!” said Uncle Fred.

His sentiments elicited mixed reactions as sampled by Nairobi News below:

“NRG is a hub of moral disengagement,” said Edwin Chepkindet.

“Real sad but what happened with vibrant Media Council of Kenya? Even Ezekiel Mutua is silent,” added Gibson Amenya.

It’s NRG Radio Kenya, what do you expect? Zero ethics on that radio,” opined Sarah Saash.

“At a time when young people are easily influenced, a high level of responsibility must be maintained at all times by any entity that has the capacity to reach the youth,” said Free Republik,

“Everything on this radio station is sexualized, that’s where they are champions. Or could it be a toxic work environment?” asked Wambugu.

“Radio stations failed when they started hiring Instagram models as program hosts and presenters and we all know what they do. Zero morals,” added Shoghi.

“This lady was in a good trajectory in her career, now I doubt anyone (media) will be willing to be associated with her,” said Brian Koome.

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