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From TV presenter to a pilot! Tim Njiru opens up on journey of debts

Tim Njiru, a former TV presenter who successfully transitioned into a pilot, has shared his story of financial struggle.

Appearing on Radio Maisha on August 23, Njiru recounted his experience of falling into debt due to extravagant living and the subsequent steps he took to repay it.

Njiru shed light on the common reasons that lead people into debt, such as the soaring costs of living and succumbing to a lifestyle that exceeds one’s means.

He emphasized the pressures faced by public figures to lead lavish lives, cautioning against the pitfalls of living beyond one’s financial capabilities.

“I had debts amounting to KSh 3 million,” Njiru admitted, revealing he acquired two vehicles through bank financing.

However, faced with mounting debt, he embarked on a journey of self-evaluation and transformation.

“I started selling what I did not need,” Njiru explained.

“I had a huge TV, I sold it and started reading books. I sold the more expensive vehicle and moved to a smaller house.”

These changes, he revealed, allowed him to allocate funds for repaying his loans while also saving for pilot school.

He recounted taking on various jobs, including selling dogs and working as a tour guide, to clear his debts and save.

“Pilot school is paid by the hour, and I started saving before starting school,” he added.

As his financial situation improved, Njiru discovered a newfound confidence and disregard for others’ opinions.

“We don’t eat or bathe with them,” he emphasized.

Growing up, Njiru had dreamt of becoming a pilot, but his academic performance in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary School led him down a different path.

He pursued journalism at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC).

Starting as a researcher at the Standard Media Group, he eventually rose through the ranks to become a TV presenter and show host.

Yet, the yearning for his childhood dream persisted.

Driven by passion, Njiru made the bold decision to leave his media career behind and enroll at the Flight Training Center to study aviation.

His relentless pursuit culminated in a pivotal moment on May 9, 2019, when he achieved his dream of flying solo, marked by the symbolic water tradition.

Currently holding a private flying license, Njiru aspires to further his aviation career.

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