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Fuel shortage persists, KOT speak out

The shortage of fuel in the country has entered its second week with Kenyans greatly inconvenienced as a result.

David Ndii, a respected economist and political analyst currently attached to Deputy President William Ruto’s campaign team, is the latest expert to comment on the crisis.

He has attributed the shortage of this precious commodity to the first failure of price controls.

“When circumstances change, prices adjust accordingly enabling businesses to operate profitably. If prices are fixed and cannot adjust, then it is quantities (supply) that adjust. That is why price controls and shortages go hand in hand.”

Ndii also accused the government of failing to honour its part of the deal with oil marketers on fuel subsidy.

This as the government threatens to fine fuel marketers who found hoarding petrol and diesel.

Oil dealers have linked the shortage to a lack of clarity on the fuel subsidy the government introduced last April in a bid to stabilize prices.

Here’s what Kenyans on Twitter have had to say.

Last week, Petroleum Principal Secretary Andrew Kamau promised that by Thursday order would be restored but that is not the case.