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Fury at plans to sell Teleposta

Claims of a planned sale of Teleposta Towers, one of Nairobi’s landmark buildings, has triggered alarm among thousands of pensioners.

The multi-billion shilling building which houses the General Post Office and hosts numerous businesses is one of the few remaining key assets owned by the Teleposta trustee members, a group of 8,000 pensioners.

A member of the trustee who got wind of the sale has now gone to court to stop the sale on grounds they would lose their monthly pension.

Mr Bethwel Allan Omondi Okal, formerly a technician before he was retrenched in 1997, alleges that should it be disposed of, the beneficiaries  will be exposed to loss as it has been their  life-line.

“We are aged over 55 and have been receiving monthly benefits. We fear losing all these if the building is sold,” explained Mr Omondi.

He accused the board of  management of malice, saying that whereas such a resolution was supposed to have been passed at the Annual General Meeting, the board organised eight different meetings, on different dates and thus came up with separate resolutions.

He wants the court to issue orders stopping the sale of the building until all the controversies are ironed out.

He seeks  an order stopping the managers from continued occupation of their offices alleging that there was no AGM which validated their continued stay in office.

He said: “None of us know  which of the eight meetings was used to come up with a resolution to sell our main source of monthly benefits.”

The case will be heard on October 23.