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Gachagua declares Kirinyaga Women Rep Njeri Maina ‘single and searching’

Deputy President (DP) Rigathi Gachagua is known for his tough stance and at times controversial opinion.

Even his boss, President William Ruto, acknowledges him as a ‘Truthful Man’.

Mr Gachagua, who hails from Mathira in Nyeri County, asserts that apart from being Dr Ruto’s Principal Assistant, he is also his right-hand man.

He confidently proclaims in Swahili, “Mimi ni mtu wa mkono wa Rais Mchapakazi William Ruto”, loosely translated as President Ruto’s hardworking right-hand man.

And to his political adversaries, the DP is not hesitant to respond, as he emphasizes that the Kenya Kwanza Government belongs to the shareholders – those who voted for it in the 2022 general elections.

Beyond the political realm, Mr Gachagua is a family man married to Pastor Dorcas Gachagua.

The second-in-command couple is blessed with two children.

The DP advocates for family and marriage, and in line with that, he has declared Kirinyaga Women Representative, Njeri Maina, to be single.

Yet, Ms Njeri, a first-time serving lawmaker, according to Mr Gachagua, does not have a partner.

The youthful MP was elected in 2022 under the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

DP Gachagua encourages unmarried men to take their chances and try their luck.

He made this call at a recent event at Pwani University, Kilifi County, where he was invited for a Public Lecture – Motivational Speaking engagement with the institution’s students.

“Let me now invite to the podium the Women Rep for Kirinyaga, Gacheri, a very young lady who is a Member of Parliament…And she is single, vijana muangalie vizuri (youth, take a good look at her),” DP Gachagua humorously remarked, amidst laughter.

Gacheri is an Agikuyu name also referring to Njeri.

The Kirinyaga Women Representative is a law graduate from the University of Nairobi (UoN).

According to the lawmaker affiliated with the ruling Kenya Kwanza Government, she briefly worked before venturing into self-employment.

“I established a law firm, offering pro bono services,” Ms Njeri told Pwani University students, encouraging them to set goals and pursue them.

“One year later, in 2022, I decided to vie for the Kirinyaga Women Representative seat, and I am proud of the progress,” she explained.

Though little is known about the youthful legislator, she was elected with over 70 per cent of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) registered voters in Kirinyaga County.

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