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‘Gay’ lions spotted having ‘sexual contact’ in Maasai Mara

A rare intimate encounter between two male Lions has been captured in Kenya by a wildlife photographer, sending the social media into a frenzy.

The love birds were spotted in a secluded bushy spot at the famous Maasai Mara holiday destination, while behaving in a manner suggesting they were involved in a sexual contact.

Paul Goldstein who was fortunate enough to photograph the incident told British newspaper Daily Mail that the initially saw the lions standing next to each other before one lay down and the other mounted him.

“I have had this happening in Botswana but with nothing like this vigour, and indeed at various zoos and safari parks, but incacarated animals will do strange things, who can blame them.”

“This however was astonishing. When lions mate it normally lasts a few seconds, these two were at it for a minute and obvious affection afterwards was very evident, as opposed to the violent withdrawal when male and female mate. ”

Understandably, the incident has incited speculation and discussions on Twitter.