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Why you should re-think your big plans for the coast this December

By JO December 1st, 2018 2 min read

Dear Kenyan Vagabond, you lover of excursions, you who is easily baited by city visuals. You who Putin found reason to dismiss your so-called tourist acts of visiting Europe and the likes, just to later come back to your future cemetery broke.

Ha-ha I love the truth in his statements, but hey who cares! He is Putin, we are not, he is a president, we aren’t!

So back to our accepted stature in society – a common Kenyan with a few shillings intending to leave his comfortable home, somewhere in Nairobi West, with plans to visit the very exquisite Diani or perhaps Zanzibar, or is it the feels of Kilifi?

I mean, Huddah gave Diani a good backing – haha – no pun intended.


So I’m here to bash your dreams, give you reasons why you, my friend, needs to re-think your coast plans. Oh, you booked your trip already? Too bad, you can’t be helped.

The religious commitment Kenyans have in visiting the coastal area is so staunch, so alive! I admire it if we would clean our roads, keep our bank accounts full with such discipline we’d probably be with the big guns. But look at that, we are not!

Do not get me wrong, I’m probably a bigger victim, I love the coast just not enough to ask you to visit it this year. The coastal area is known to be a tourist magnet (by tourist they do not mean you ‘fellow local tourist’ – no harm intended in the statement).

Kenya is big and wide, as a matter of fact there are so many counties out there with much to offer for this festive season, but do we ever give these places a chance? I’m a concerned Kenyan.

Could we at least re-think this beach phase and go fully green. I’m definitely not here to promote counties; mine is on the rocks, like literally! I am only here to ask you to be wiser this time, do better; look around you replace the jet skiing with zip lining (adrenaline junkies).


Karatina could offer you camping, Naivasha, well the marvel hotels with no beaches. In few but many words, dear Kenyan, a festivity season should not only be defined by the coast.

Many were lamenting ‘Oh, SGR fully booked so now no Christmas’. We love our coastal area and it will always be there for us, let us visit it often not just during festivities. If you claim loyalty for the coast, visit it in April or probably May. Be unique. But if you are one of those who visit the coast because everyone else is going to be there, woe unto you flag! This is not your kind of read.

I am not targeting you friend. To the independent thinkers, find reason to hail other counties, reasons to live larger than the coast. Heck! Be a local tourist in Lodwar; I heard they have white sand beaches too. If you know you know but if you don’t you heard it here first!

Happy festivities fellow local tourists.

But hey, who knows maybe coast is always the in thing. I’m out here somewhere around Swahili Beach hoping to post up another great selfie in the magnificent south coast!