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Gospel artist William Getumbe arrested after 7-day warning period

Eldoret-based gospel musician William Getumbe has been arrested and taken to the Kapsoya Police Station.

A statement by the Kenya Films and Commission Board (KFCB), said the singer failed to stop distributing and exhibiting a gospel song that had been classified as obscene and blasphemous under the Films and Stage Play Act, Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya.

His arrest came after a seven-day notice issued to him for violations of the aforementioned law expired.

Some of the charges include, filming without a license which contravenes Part II, Section 4 of Cap 222, distribution and exhibition of unclassified audio-visual content in breach of Part III, Section 12 of Cap 222, distribution, public exhibition, and possession of ‘obscene’ cinematograph films and public exhibition of indecent shows/performances tending to corrupt morals contrary to Section 181 (1) (a) and (e) of the Penal Code.

The artist will be arraigned in Court on March 13, 2024, to face the following charges:

The board said that its strong stance against the creation, distribution, possession, broadcasting, and exhibition of ‘indecent’ content that goes against the values and morals of Kenyan society.

“As the Government agency mandated to regulate film and broadcast content space within the country, the Board urges all content creators to create content that promotes Kenya’s culture, moral values, and National aspirations, while ensuring that children are not exposed to inappropriate content.

“To this effect, the Board is collaborating with relevant platform owners to pull down the targeted content,” added KFCB.

Getumbe was issued a demand letter alongside fellow musician Embarambamba who complied with the board’s demands to “submit all his content (music videos) to KFCB for examination and classification for age appropriateness and acquire a filming license from KFCB before embarking on any new productions, and submit the same for classification for age-appropriateness before exhibiting to the public.”

Getumbe is famed for the song ‘Yesu Ninyandue’.

KFCB called on members of the public to report any cases of indecent content distributed or exhibited on social media.

It also said that letters have also been sent to various platform operators to pull down the inappropriate content.

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