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Did Governor Lonyangapuo enjoy sumptuous breakfast as pupils watched? – PHOTOS

By MWENDE KASUJJA September 26th, 2018 2 min read

Kenyans online have bashed West Pokot governor John Lonyangapuo for having breakfast as pupils of Kitalaposho Primary School in Mnagei Ward in Kapenguria looked on.

What many did not take notice of was that one of the pupils was clutching onto half a loaf of bread.

The pupil appeared not keen to devour the bread as he chatted with his friends as the governor and his team had their breakfast.

Other photos of the same event show Lonyangapuo walking past some pupils eating bread near what looks like a kitchen.


Each pupil can be seen enjoying their own loaf with a cup of tea.

A spokesperson for Lonyangapuo says the governor was set to have tea with the pupils but delayed and that is why he had to take tea alone.

Kenyans online had bashed the governor accusing him of eating as the pupils salivated.


Boaz commented, “Leaders in Kenya both the highly educated and the rest are the same. They always get it wrong all of them. The Professor ought to have for once made the young pupils smile by sacrificing and let the pupils eat. For once. This is shameful for @Johnlonyangapuo.”


Nick Mucina questioned, “How do you even get the appetite, while in front of you a malnourished child with mucus running down the nostrils watches?”

Gichuhi Njogu added, “Which grown up enjoys a drink or food while children watch? They would rather eat while I watch.”

A user shared other photos of the county Miss Tourism Sarah Pkiach Longolomoi distributing similarly dressed school children a loaf of bread each and captioned that the children had been fed before the governor.


The beauty queen was also visible in other photos of the governor having some fruits and chicken during the same event.