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GPO Huduma Centre paralysed by electricity troubles

Services at the Huduma Centre General Post Office (GPO) have been paralysed since Monday after its electricity supply got disconnected under unclear circumstance.

Staff told Nairobi News that the electricity went off on Monday around 9am, rendering the centre that offers most government services dysfunctional. The disconnected electricity only affected floors occupied by the Huduma Centre.

The only service offered is the issuance of a good conduct certificate and collection of Identification Cards.

Two guards at the entrance routinely turn away hundreds of people visiting the centre to seek services.

“Hapa Hakuna stima, nendeni City Square (branch) huko ndio mutahudumiwa,” the told visitors.


In August 2018, services at the centre were paralysed due to unpaid bills.

Huduma centres are a one-stop shop for services such as application for national ID cards, National Social Security Fund, business permits and driving licences.

Other services include registration of companies, processing of birth certificates, getting a certificate of good conduct among others.

Lucy Njeri, a 72 year -old from Thika, arrived at the centre on Friday hoping to finish registering herself as a pensioner but this would not happen.

“Hata fare ya kuja hapa nimekopa kwa marafiki nikidhani nitaweza kuregister ndio niweze kuanza kupata pesa but sasa hata sijui nifanye nini, wananiambia hakuna stima kwa hivyo hawawezi kunihudumia,” she told Nairobi News.

Behind her was a group of young girls who wanted to collect their ID’s but were turned away.


“I was supposed to start a job on Monday but now I do not know what would happen since for two days I have been coming to see if maybe they would have sort their electricity issues but nothing has happened. I just wonder how a big government institution like this one can fail to pay its electricity bills staying for almost a week,” says Mary Olang.

Huduma Centre staff who spoke to Nairobi News said the management has promised to solve the issue, but they are yet to see anything happening.

“We keep on referring people to go to City Square because there is nothing we can do to help them here, but the reports we are getting is that City Square is getting overwhelmed with the huge numbers they are receiving,” said a staff member.

“We have been told that the electricity problem will be solved by Monday next week. We just hope that this will be true,” said another staff.