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Growing list of young lives snuffed out in cold blood

February 1st, 2019 2 min read

From their social media pages, they appear to be in love and living life on the fast lane, all documented in breathtaking pictures.

Some share their photos while on holidays or with their lovers and some while attending exclusive parties.

However, all these end up being publicized to the world after love goes sour and one of the lovers loses their life in what police have always described as crimes of passion.

The most recent incident is the death of Ms Mary Wambui who was murdered and her body dumped in a dam.

On her Facebook page, Ms Wambui shared neat images that portray the large life that she lived.

Her family is now seeking justice as they described Ms Wambui’s husband one Joseph Kori, who is a suspect in the murder, as a harmless man.

“The two during their love days have never ever fought or quarreled, not even a single day has my sister come back home saying that they had differences,” said Ms Virginia Kamangara, Mary’s sister.

Ms Kamangara said that when Mr Kori and the late attended a family gathering in her home in Rongai, Nakuru County they appeared to be happy.

Ms Wambui is a victim of an alleged love triangle as it has emerged that her husband had two other lovers namely; Ms Grace Wanjiku, an ex-wife, and Ms Judy Wangui, who is held at Juja Police Station.

Here are the others felled in suspected love triangles:

Monica Kimani

Five months ago, Mr Paul Ngarama’s family was also in the same position Ms Kamangara’s family is.

Mr Ngarama had lost daughter Ms Monica Kimani who equally appeared to be living largely as she frequently flew in and out of the country to Juba where she worked.

Ms Kimani, according to the police, was murdered but the reason is yet to be established.

Since the discovery of her body at her apartment in Kilimani estate on September 20, 2018, only one suspect Joseph Irungu is being detained by the police.

Mr Irungu is the man police believe was involved in the murder of the woman.

Sharon Otieno

Another murder that shocked the country is that of Ms Sharon Otieno.

Ms Otieno’s death saw Migori Governor Okoth Obado mentioned adversely. He was arrested and detained at the Industrial Area remand prison.

This is after it emerged that he was the father of Sharon’s unborn baby.

Ms Otieno was allegedly abducted alongside Nation Journalist Barrack Oduor on September 3 last year.

By the time of her death, Ms Otieno was a second-year medical records and information student at Rongo University.

Jamal Nassul

In early December, Vioja Mahakamani actor Jamal Nassul was allegedly killed by a woman in Mlolongo, Machakos.

Ms Grace Namu is alleged to have stabbed the actor after they differed on why she was taking gifts from friends.

Kenyan actor Jamal Nassul Gadafi. PHOTO | COURTESY