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H_art the Band set to establish their music label

African pop boy band H_art the Band have embarked on establishing their own music label which will take over Penya Africa music label.

The band has been signed up to Penya Africa for the last three years, which has been responsible for their music recording and releases.

H_art the Band shared the news on their Instagram page on Friday, saying that the move was brought following a misunderstanding with the label over delayed release dates of their songs.

“Recently, we got into a big scuffle with our label about holding back our releases & our legal teams have been on the table trying to resolve it. After weeks of back & forth we realized how far we have come together & decided to put our egos aside,” wrote H_art the Band.

“Long story short we are working on a transition of turning Penya Africa into our very own label- H_art the Brand’s Label. Together with Our manager, our team & Board we will nurture young talents into big brands that they so wish to become.”


H_art the Brands will be responsible in the signing of recording artistes, music release and video release of new songs.

“We are trying to give the artistes, in this case H_art the Band, the opportunity to own themselves, giving them the power to set release dates for their own music. I was handling everything from the Sauti Academy to the record label, and we felt that it was time that I focus more on the academy, and give the band an opportunity to manage themselves. They will still be part of Penya Africa,” said Natalie Lukkanaer founder of Penya Africa.

Sauti Academy, founded in 2010 under umbrella organization Penya Africa Ltd, is an artist development program for vocalists. It empowers East African youth to become more resilient through the use of their voices.

The three member band met in 2012 at the Kenya National Theatre and later joined Sauti Academy where they graduated in 2014.

H_art the Band came into the limelight with their song Uliza Kiatu, a song that talks about the challenges and difficulties most men go through just to please their women.