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H_Art The Band’s new album ‘will be free for 48 hours’

H_art The Band have promised to offer their upcoming album ‘Made In The Streets’ for free to their fans for 48 hours.

“Before our first show (the album tour) the album will be out. It will be free for 48 hours but we don’t want to tell people so that they can be on the lookout,” revealed Wachira Gatama a member of the band during K24’s Upclose.

The trio of vocalist and guitarist Morcekai Kimeu, guitarist Kenneth Muya and vocalist Wachira has been working on the album for the last three years.

Explaining why it took them a longtime to prepare their first album since hitting into the limelight with the ‘Uliza Kiatu’ hit song back in 2013, they said they first needed to record of 60 songs from which they would pick the jams that would make the album.

“When we went to Sauti Academy we were taught that in order for you to a good album, you need to record 50 songs then from the 50 you choose 12 songs. So over that period we recorded over 60 songs,” explained Wachira.

The 13-song album ‘Made In The Streets’ was inspired by their lives in the streets of Nairobi long before the fame.

The trio met in 2012 at the Kenya National Theater formed the group then later joined Sauti Academy where they graduated in 2014.