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Haiwezekani! Gaucho reacts to Raila’s AU chairmanship bid

By Winnie Onyando February 16th, 2024 2 min read

Former Bunge la Mwananchi president Calvince Okoth, widely known as Gaucho, has opposed opposition leader Raila Odinga’s aspiration to secure the chairmanship of the African Union (AU).

When asked about Odinga’s suitability for the role, Gaucho expressed concerns about losing a local champion for the common citizens.

“Baba (Odinga) is our savior. If he takes such a position, who will advocate for us? Who will amplify the voices of ordinary citizens? The current government will continue to oppress us, and the plight of the common mwananchi may go unheard,” Gaucho asserted.

Drawing a parallel to biblical figures, Gaucho likened Odinga to Moses in the Exodus story, emphasizing his role as a leader for the people.

“Baba is like our Moses. If he is taken away, then who will fight for us?” he questioned.

Expressing his affection for Odinga, Gaucho emphasized the importance of his presence in Kenya, advocating for his continued leadership within the country.

“I love Mr. Odinga, and I prefer him here in Kenya,” Gaucho affirmed.

Meanwhile, Mr Odinga has expressed his readiness to vie for the AU chairmanship, citing his extensive experience and commitment to serving the continent.

In a statement made in Karen, on February 15, Odinga outlined his qualifications for the role and his dedication to advancing Africa’s interests.

He highlighted Africa’s significance as the birthplace of humanity and stressed the importance of collective efforts to enhance the continent’s standing on the global stage.

He also mentioned his previous involvement with the AU, underscoring his familiarity with the diverse needs and potentials of African nations.

His candidacy for the AU chairmanship would require endorsement from member states, including Kenya’s administration led by President William Ruto.

Such support would signal a significant shift in the country’s political landscape, potentially resembling a reconciliation akin to “a handshake.”

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