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Hamisa Mobetto holds out olive branch to Zari after explosive revelation on Diamond

By Naira Habib October 16th, 2020 1 min read

After years of feuding over the common father of their children, Tanzanian model and video vixen Hamisa Mobetto called a truce with her former romantic rival, Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

Mobetto reached out to Zari saying she was willing to be friends with her fellow baby mama.

During an interview with a Tanzanian media house, Mobetto said that if being friends with Zari was her fate then she would gladly welcome her with open arms.

“Kama itakuja kutokea mimi am here, mimi ni mtu ambaye huwanga ni mzuri sana kwenye kupokea watu ni mkarimu. So kama imepangwa itakuja kutokea sawa I will be here,” she said.

Hamisa and Zari both have babies with bongo singing star Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond was in a publicised relationship with Zari when he cheated on her with Mobetto, but the Haunisumbui singer initially refuted the rumours when they started flying around in a futile effort to save his marriage.

The Cheche singer eventually owned up to his philandering ways and that he sired a child with the model.

After the baby arrived, Mobetto and Diamond had a nasty fallout and at one point the outgoing model and video vixen was forced to drag the singer to court for child support.

Zari later dumped Diamond on Valentine’s Day in 2018.

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