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Hamisa Mobetto rants at Diamond’s family who think she’s not wife material – VIDEO

Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobetto has hit out at Diamond Platnumz’s mother and sisters who have dismissed her as not a suitable wife for the musician.

Diamond’s family has never hidden their contempt for Hamissa and have used every opportunity to display preference for his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his two children Zari Hassan.

Hamisa, who also shares a son with Diamond, seems fed up and took to Instagram to write a scathing response to Diamond and his family.

It all started after the release of the song titled ‘Iyena’ sang by Diamond in collaboration with Wasafi records signed artiste Rayvanny. The song’s video captures Diamond and Zari looking smitten with each other as they take their wedding vows.


Diamond’s mother and sisters took it as an opportunity to shower Zari with praises, even declaring her the better choice for a wife.

They appeared to also question Hamisa’s home management skills.

Hamisa quickly fired a salvo at the musician, telling him to man up and put a stop to his family constant attack on her. She also challenged Diamond to declare whether he wants to marry a wife or a house help.

“Tena saa ingine na kaa kimya kuwastiri kwa mengi na pia Deylan akikuwa asione hii migogoro, lakini ndugu zako hawabebeki its too much. Talk to your family maana wewe ni mwanaume na uwezo ya kuyamaliza, na pia waambie unahitaji mke sio house girl wa nyumba,” wrote Hamisa Mobetto.

She added: “Mwanamke kazi yake kukupikia ule, nakadhalika au nilikuwa sikupikii tena sio wewe tuu na ndugu zako mkala na kusaza. Leo imekuwa Hamisa hajui kupika kusafisha nyumba kwa hiyo chumba chako tukimaliza lalana huwa anasafisha nani? Au walitaka niende niwafulie vyupi vyao nikimaliza.”


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