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Heiress of Keroche empire unveils hunk boyfriend and warns friends to steer clear

Arnelisa Muigai, the first born daughter of Keroche Breweries boss Tabitha Karanja, on Monday revealed the identity of the man she has been dating for the past five years.

The heiress, who recently spoke out on her journey to rapid weight loss, shared a picture of her boyfriend Stephen, followed by an emotional post to wish him a happy birthday.

The photo on Instagram was captioned; “Today I just want to wish my love a happy birthday. I appreciate that you have been through thick and thin with me. Even when I was at my worst you never made comments that made me feel uncomfortable. I could say so much about you but today I just want to wish you a very happy bday. May you also blow endless candles and God bless you SK.”

But in a separate post, she told off detractors who were against her relationship with Stephen, telling them to mind their own business when it comes to relationship issues.

“When I first met my boyfriend so many girls, who dint even know him personally, told me that he wasn’t fit for me. What they dint know is that I was looking for someone who respected me, who gave me peace of mind, loved me for me and most importantly someone who had his life together. It’s been five years and none of those girls are into any relationship. But that’s not the point here.”

She continued; “I think sometimes in life you do not have to listen to what others tell you. Stephen has turned out to be the best person in my life. No man is worth risking my relationship for.

“A little advice for the ladies, never discuss your relationship with anyone. The man who sticks with you through anything, is the man you should hold to the end and some might not know this but there is nothing like finding a rich man, you and your man have to work hard together to build your own empire.”