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Here’s a beautiful update from Jackline Mwende’s family – PHOTO

Jackline Mwende, whose husband was charged with chopping off her hands, has an all grown son, Zawadi.

The Merck Foundation CEO Rasha Kelej visited Mwende, whose story hit the headlines in 2016 after she was reportedly hacked for conceiving with another man.

Dr Kelej spent some time with Mwende and an all grown Zawadi who can now walk but is afraid of strangers.

The little boy momentarily refused to be carried by the visiting doctor as his mother explained that he was afraid.

The Merck foundation built Mwende a two-bedroom house in her village and started a business to meet her expenses after the hacking incident.


Mwende has since had prosthetic limbs fixed in South Korea but depends on a help to carryout chores including cooking and bathing.

jackline mwende

Dr Kelej visited Mwende at her house and encouraged her to advise women and men going through infertility.


The foundation supports women who have been directly and indirectly affected by infertility.

Mwende’s case was brought to their attention by Taita Taveta Woman Representative Joyce Lay who has never shied away from her infertility struggles.

“Her story helped many people to change their perception of infertility and how she was a victim of its stigma. Although she was not the one with infertility problem – it was her husband. Yet he refused to get treated and abused her. He chopped off both her hands and tried to kill her. #NoForInfertilityStigma Very Proud that Merck Foundation has empowered me to help her start her new life, new home and new supermarket,” Dr Kelej said during the visit.