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Here’s why Tileh Pacbro doesn’t believe in God

Famous TikTok dancer, Tileh Pacbro, has recently stirred up gossip circles with his candid revelation that he does not believe in God.

In an interview, Pacbro opened up about the deeply personal journey that led him to reject the faith he was brought up in.

“You don’t wake up one day and become an atheist. It’s a process,” said Pacbro, shedding light on the gradual nature of his transition away from Christianity.

Despite being born and raised in a Christian home, Pacbro’s perspective on spirituality has evolved significantly over time.

“I was born and raised a Christian, I just don’t believe in God. Basically, what was preached to me, I don’t see it the same way in real life,” he explained.

His departure from Christianity is not just a phase, but a deeply held conviction. “I have never really thought about becoming a Christian again,” Pacbro said.

In terms of family dynamics, Pacbro shared insights into his family’s acceptance of his faith. “For my family, it’s the same way my mother raised me. They believe in what they want,” he explained.

He also emphasised his support for his son’s freedom to choose his own spiritual path, even if it differs from his own.

He also revealed that his wife has no say in his beliefs, as they both encourage each other to serve the purpose of the beliefs they individually hold. “It’s not up to her to support my faith,” said the father of one.

Pacbro’s rejection of organised religion extends to his philosophical outlook, which is based on scientific principles. “I’m not spiritual and I’m not religious, so for me I believe in science,” he emphasised.

Despite his stance regarding religion, Pacbro is known to be a dedicated family man and committed to his craft, having built his brand around dancing and content creation.