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Exclusive: Vijana Barubaru on the making of ‘Sasa Hivi’ and future projects

Kenya’s dynamic duo Tuku Kantu and Mshairi Spikes, better known by their band name ‘Vijana Barubaru’, have revealed little-known details about their future plans while spilling the beans on the making of their hit song ‘Sasa Hivi’.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Vijana Barubaru delved into the inspiration behind their chart-topping track.

“It was a random Tuesday and I remember we were struggling to come up with a song,” says Tuku

It was during this creative block that the magic happened. “I asked Spikes what was going on in his life so we could curate a song from something relatable,” recalls Tuku, one of the talented pair.

Reflecting on the moment, Tuku revealed: “At the time, he was facing financial difficulties.”

Despite being paid for his work, he was still struggling financially. “The uncertainty of the future weighed heavily on him,” Tuku said.

Rather than dwell on the struggle, the duo decided to turn the narrative around. “We thought of turning what he was going through into a romantic song instead of the struggle,” Tuku explained, adding, “We wanted to convey the message of living in the present and cherishing the moment.”

Thus was born ‘Sasa Hivi’, a captivating anthem that urges listeners to embrace the now. Looking ahead, Vijana Barubaru teased their forthcoming EP entitled ‘Three Strokes’, due for release on May 15.

“It’s three songs, and we’re exploring more of a hip-hop/Arbantone vibe.”

Fans can expect a fusion of infectious beats and lyrical prowess that exemplifies their signature style. But that’s just the beginning.

“After the EP, we will release two singles,” Spikes said, hinting at an avalanche of new music on the horizon. After that, he said, they will release an album.”

Promising an eclectic mix of sounds, Vijana Barubaru assured fans of exciting collaborations locally and internationally.

“What we can promise is that there will be several international and East African collaborations,” affirms Spikes.

With ‘Sasa Hivi’ serving as a testament to their creative prowess, there’s no doubt that their future releases will leave an indelible mark on the music industry.