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Kenyans share their high school reunion nightmares

By NAIRA HABIB November 30th, 2018 1 min read

Kenyans on Twitter have camped online sharing some of their unpleasant experiences while attending their high school reunions.

It all started after a tweep, by the name Vivi, questioned the motive of these reunions, terming them a ‘scam’.

In her account she said such gatherings are often a ploy by other to find out how well off in life their former school mates are many years later.

The tweet attracted varied comments and views.

“The money to be donated for the meeting to hold is also part of it. They should just hold themselves we will meet in heaven,” said Mayor of Africa.

Vincent agreed saying, “True story! They will always be like “are you married?”

“Is not about them but All about you. Change your motive before attending any reunion. Care less about their conversations but enjoy the moment and remember to Breathe,” said Tolulope.

“It critical thinking. Reunion are usually for politics… be careful, don’t be used by them Election period,” wrote abdulbizzybrain.

“Our first reunion after 5 five years in December… Seems I go change my mind o,” responded Nobleman.

“Reunions are so competitive… I don’t attend those,” said ManLikeChihwa.

“True that. U won’t be recognized until u’ve made it and have contributed some ka money to the school,” claimed Oscar.