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Hit and run driver arrested after causing multiple car accident on Mombasa Road

A mid-morning accident along Mombasa road on Thursday caused traffic snarl heading out of town.

The accident that occurred next to Vision Plaza involved three vehicles.


However, the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident drove away from the scene immediately.

“The pickup driver who was in the inner left lane changed lanes without any indication and hit a Toyota which veered off the road and hit a Range Rover,” said a police rider on patrol at the scene.

The officer then followed Mr Joginder Nyaga, the driver of the pickup (reg number KCJ 960Z) belonging to S.W Agencies and brought him back to the scene of the accident.

“After causing the accident, the driver of the pickup drove off, so I decide to follow him knowing other officers will come to the scene. I found him in Embakasi. He denied liability although his vehicle had a dent due to the impact of the accident,” the police officer added.


According to the driver of the Toyota Caldina KBK 430X, Mr George Kinyangi, the pickup driver seemed to be in a hurry, hooting and trying to overtake and had his full lights on.

“When I saw him approaching, I tried to change lanes, so I veered off the road and hit a Range Rover, which was on the other lane. After hitting me, the pickup driver drove off,” said Mr Kinyangi.

No one had visible injuries, but Mr Kinyangi seemed to be in pain when he spoke to Nairobi News.

“I need to go to the police first then head to the hospital, I think I have injured my right hand because I feel pain,” he said.

The Range Rover was not badly damaged and the driver drove himself to the Industrial Area Police Station where the accident is to be reported.