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Hits and misses at Cake City, Sarit Centre

As you all know, I am always on the search for good cake. The thing with good cake, though, it is elusive (unless you are in front of your own oven doing a tried and tested recipe). The reason it is elusive is that a, not everyone likes the same type of cake.

Not everyone wants a moist cake, or a dry cake, or a good cake, or knows what good cake is. And so the search for the very specific taste for your palate is always a task.

I had some pretty fantastic cake at Café American at the Hilton last week – cheesecake with blueberry sauce trickled over it, and it was amazing. The last cheesecake I had that was that good was at Lucca (the Italian Restaurant at Villa Rosa Kempinski), also with blueberries. Clearly I am a sucker for berries.

I decided to try out Cake City at Sarit Centre. They have been doing a lot of business, from what I gather every time I am in that area, and they have some pretty tempting displays. Because I was with four people, we tried out four different types of cakes. Lucky us.

Red velvet cake: this was the biggest disappointment. I was with a friend who had ever tried red velvet cake before, and her first experience was disheartening.

They did what most people do when they do not know how to make red velvet cake: dyed a cake red and cover it with cream.

Chocolate mocha cake: I always feel you can’t go wrong with mocha cake. This was my cake, and it took me about 3 and a half minutes to scarf it down.

Passion fruit cake: This, also, was delicious-when well done, passion fruit cake is delicious, though not to everyone’s taste.

White forest cake: This was definitely not the best white forest cake I have ever had, but it was still not as bad as the red velvet.

The cakes cost about 300 bob on average, and the drinks are 200 on average, so it’s pocket friendly. We also tried out the teas and the cappuccinos that are offered at the venue, which did not impress, but were not horrific.

So the total score: for the cakes, depending on which cake you pick, it’s a good experience; they have more hits than misses. For the ambience – I mean, it is a food court. You don’t expect there to be violins serenading you, right?

The service was not up to my speed, but again – it’s a food court.

Bottom line, feel free to send me your recommendations (on Twitter, @food_phile) on where you think I should go for some more creamy treats.

p.s. I am simply distraught that the Osteria in town closed down. It was such a convenient, out-of-the-way-yet-in-the-middle-of-town nook for some pretty good food.

I have to move elsewhere for my Italian fix now. Where else in town, though, is one to get a good glass of wine for only 200 bob? More’s the pity.