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How Miss Trudy makes Sh1.3 million a month on YouTube

For the better part of the week, lifestyle Content Creator Miss Trudy was a victim of trolls on social media over her ignorance after causing a fiasco at Mombasa International Airport.

The drama ensued when security officials attempted to arrest Miss Trudy for filming content for her YouTube channel, which has turned out to be her cash cow.

Miss Trudy says YouTube has made her rich, generating for her hundreds of thousands and up to a million every month.

“I didn’t make money on YouTube for a year and never even knew that you could make money on Youtube until a year later when I learned of it and applied. That’s when I learned of AdSense (YouTube Monetization program),” she disclosed in a past interview.

Her first paycheck from Adsense was Sh10,000 a similar amount she had been earning as a monthly salary when she worked as a Supermarket attendant until she was fired.

“I was happy that I was making money from something I love doing but after a few months, it dawned on me that it was too little to meet my needs. I had colleagues from campus who had proper jobs. Some would judge me for what I was doing,” Ms Trudy goes on.

She felt she had no option but to continue.

“People used to judge me to the point that I doubted myself. Someone even asked me ‘Who do you think is going to watch you? You are not Vera Sidika. I cried about it but kept going. I really never saw a future in content creation but something within urged me to keep going. I don’t regret it because I make enough money now. I have made 10,000 dollars (Sh13 million) a month from YouTube, one of my highest paychecks.”

To anyone starting Content Creation, Miss Trudy advises dedication and consistency. Miss Trudy’s YouTube channel has amassed over 59 million views since its creation on May 15, 2014.

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