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How President Magufuli compelled Diamond to release Harmonize from WCB contract

By Sinda Matiko December 19th, 2023 2 min read

Harmonize claims he would still be Diamond Platnumz’s “slave” if it were not for the late Tanzanian President Dr John Pombe Magufuli.

As a result, he says he’ll never forgive his mentor and the only person who brought him into the limelight and gave him a head start on his successful music career.

The singer points out that although Diamond Platnumz has played a huge role in his musical journey, he is also the same man who has been a thorn in his side to become even more successful and accomplished.

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In the four years he worked under Diamond, signed to his WCB Wasafi record label, Harmonize argues that so much happened between them that he says turned them from good friends to enemies.

“There are things that are easy to forgive and move on and some that take time. Personal issues like sleeping with my wife, insulting me and things like that are easy to get over. But when it comes to money, it takes a while. If you’re going to finesse me on what’s dully mine, then it becomes very difficult for me to let go because every time I get into a situation where I need money, you’re always going to come to mind and so you can’t just wash away that kind of hatred,” says Harmonize.

When Harmonize forced his way out of WCB, he went on a media tirade, claiming that the label was taking 60 percent of all revenues generated, leaving him with 40 percent.

“I had a 10-year contract with WCB. Whatever I made, they were supposed to take 60 per cent, while I took 40 per cent. It did not matter if the money came from music or endorsements. From the 40 per cent I would still use my own money to release new music [instead of the label funding the project] and even then the label would still take 60 per cent of the project which I had fully funded with the fortune from my 40 per cent,” he continued.

Following his claims, Diamond came out to confirm that WCB does indeed take 60 per cent of the proceeds from its signed artistes, insisting that he has no regrets whatsoever because he has invested a colossal amount of money in turning his signees into reputable brands and as such he is entitled to a return on his investment.

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Diamond has always maintained that he would never allow an artist to leave WCB for free before the end of their contract.

Harmonize parted ways with the label after paying Sh25 million to buy out the remainder of his contract.

When Harmonize made his stand to leave, the move ignited a nasty fallout between them and a long-standing tussle over contractual obligations, with WCB reluctant to let him go without paying a substantial amount.

But according to Harmonize’s version of the story, Diamond’s intentions were to ensure that he never left.

Things got so messy that the Tanzanian Arts Council BASATA had to get involved but couldn’t do much because of the contractual ramifications.

“I am forever grateful to Dr John Pombe Magufuli, he is the one who saved me. I was crying for him to help me. I remember he made calls and Diamond had to be stopped at the airport on his way out of the country until he signed documents to terminate the contract,” Harmonize adds.