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Huddah’s claim for Vitimbi role backed up

When Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe eulogized the late comedian Benson Wanjau aka Mzee Ojwang Hatari by announcing on social media that she once played the role of Mzee Ojwang’s daughter in the popular TV comedy Vitimbi, many people may have taken it to be a major publicity stunt.

But on Friday night, Huddah was vindicated by none other Mzee Ojwang’s wife on set Mama Kayai (real name Mary Khavere).

Speaking on NTV’s show The Trend, Mama Kayai confirmed that indeed Huddah acted briefly on Vitimbi but quickly left the cast inspite of the great potentially that she visibly exhibited.

Another actor on the show who goes by the stage name Ole Matope said that Huddah was given a role of Mzee Ojwang’s daughter as the original actor for the role was out of the country at the time.

So those who doubted Huddah’s revelation now have the answer.