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Humbled Sonko prays for himself and Kenya at the end of a rough week for him

Besieged Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has now turned to prayer.

On Sunday, the usually cocky politician appeared to humble himself and penned a long prayer on his Facebook page.

In the prayer, Sonko asked the Lord to provide Kenyan leaders with ‘wisdom’ even as he prayed for the country’s ‘safety’ and peace in war-torn Somalia.

“Lord, thank you for allowing me to leave in this country Kenya,” he prayed.

“Lord, I lift up my Nation Kenya to you for blessings today. I thank you for allowing me to live in Nairobi a place that lets me pray to you every day… I also pray, Lord for our country’s safety. I ask that you bless the soldiers that guard our borders. I ask that you keep those that live here safe from others who would do us harm for being free, for worshipping you, and for allowing people to speak freely,” Sonko goes on in his prayer.

Sonko’s prayer comes at the end of a week he was twice questioned by authorities over corruption-related accusations.

First, he was grilled for hours by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission over alleged impropriety in the issuance of garbage-collection tenders.

Then, he was hauled back to the interrogation room where he spent hours being grilled by the Kenya Revenue Authority over tax evasion claims.