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I can never buy alcohol worth Sh420k – Karen Nyamu changes her story

News of the nominated senator Karen Nyamu buying alcohol worth Sh420,000 surfaced the online space during Father’s Day with many of her fans questioning how a leader could openly display her ‘opulent’ lifestyle.

Wrath descended heavily on her, especially because Kenyans have been struggling to put at least one meal on their tables due to the high cost of living.

However, Nyamu, while speaking during an interview with Reke Ciume na Ene, a Kikuyu YouTube show, explained that even Samidoh would not be pleased with such a gift.

Revealing the events that had transpired, Nyamu said that she had been sent for by Samidoh in a liquor house around Kiambu Road when she bumped into the store owner.

“The owner asked me whether I could record an advert video. They used my phone to record and days after they asked me for the recordings,” she narrated.

“I refused to give out the recordings because they looked so artificial and looked like an advert. I told Sam about it and he brushed off the advert video saying I’m not a socialite.”

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Nyamu would then pass by the same liquor store even after Samidoh had warned her about it. Since shooting the advert was a favour, Nyamu told the liquor store owner that the advert would be per her guidance.

“I did the video and even gave out the wrong pin on my card. However, they used their own card. They would then send the video to me on a Saturday to approve before I share it on my social media platforms,” she explained.

Then added that despite living well, she does not love showcasing her lifestyle or where she lives.

“I was very uncomfortable posting and they noted I was hesitant. So they sent it to a local media house,” she added.

Nyamu also opined that as a leader the expensive alcohol gift really rubbed her off the wrong way.

“When the video went up, we were in Nyeri and kept receiving calls about it. I had to explain to all my callers that I could never buy such expensive alcohol. On the other hand, Sam who was not pleased at all by the whole ordeal really questioned why I had done the advert free and my connections with the liquor house owner,” she added.

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