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I did not ‘touch’ Radio, man accused of killing Ugandan singer pleads

The man accused of killing Ugandan singer Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio insists he didn’t ‘touch’ him during the brawl which led to his death at a Kampala club in February 2018.

But Godfrey Wamala however admits that he was at the scene of the crime, the ‘De Bar’ in Kampala, where Radio is reported to have met his death.

He has also told the court that he severally intervened to stop a scuffle involving the deceased musician and one ‘George Egesa’ which broke out after one of them poured a bottle of whiskey on the table.

“The only thing I did that day during the brawl was trying to stop the fight,” says Wamala.

“I didn’t beat anyone, I didn’t fight, I didn’t lift anyone like they said I lifted the deceased and threw him down. I don’t remember touching him,” he said.

Wamala also paints a picture of a rowdy Radio on the day he met his death.


“Radio started fighting with everyone who came near him, maybe he thought they were all his enemies. He kept his guard up trying to fight,” Wamala told the court.

According to Wamala, as narrated by Sqoop, Radio was held by some ‘gentlemen’ around the table in an attempt to restrain him before they started pushing him out of the bar.

“I didn’t follow them as they were taking him out. I instead moved out after receiving a call from the O.C Katabi Police station because the place was noisy. As I moved out, I found Radio fighting with two gentlemen in the corridor. I tried to intervene and stop the fight. I held one of the gentlemen but was overpowered and found myself on the ground. When I stood up, they were still fighting with Radio who was already down. I lost interest in trying to stop the fight and moved on,” the accused said.

Mowzey Radio, renowned for some of hits such as Bread and Butter, succumbed to head injuries at Case Hospital in Kampala in February 2018.