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I wasn’t deported for being drunk, says Deputy Governor

By KNA April 21st, 2015 2 min read

Deputy Governor Caleb Amaswache has sought to clear the air on his deportation from Singapore last week.

Mr Amaswache said he was put on a plane back to Nairobi after he failed to produce a return ticket and documents authorising him to stay in the country.

Addressing journalists at the county headquarters in Mbale on Tuesday, the deputy governor dismissed claims that he arrived in the country drunk.

He, however, said: “Alcohol is served on flights. Being drunk should not be a reason to deny one entry into a foreign country.”

Mr Amaswache, the acting County Executive for Land, Housing and Urban Development, said he went to Singapore to attend the sixth annual Affordable Housing Conference.


“I departed from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on April 13 and arrived on April 14 at around 2.30am. During the security check at Changi International Airport, I realised I had forgotten to pack documents for entry into Singapore and the security officers declined me entry,” he said.

“Efforts by a key member of the committee that organised the conference to convince the officers to let me into the country were futile,” he said.

“The return flight took 17 hours instead of the normal 13, resulting in me arriving in Nairobi on April 16 very tired,” complained Mr Amaswache.

The deputy governor vowed not to make more foreign trips any time soon following the Singapore ordeal.

He said he regretted missing the conference as the county planned to start a scheme to build decent houses for the poor.


He said the conference would have helped him learn new technology for the project and seek donor support.

“For accountability purposes, I will refund the money allocated to me as per diem for the foreign trip,” said the deputy governor.

He said he would refund about Sh445,000 and the cost of the one-way air ticket.

His return ticket was paid for by the Singapore government.