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I was not given food: TikTokers address controversy at Brian Chira’s burial

Brian Chira’s funeral on Tuesday March 26 at his grandmother’s ancestral land in Gitei village, Gathanje, Kiambu County, was not without drama and excitement.

The turnout was overwhelming, making it difficult for the MC to manage the crowd.

Several TikTokers have since shared their thoughts on the funeral.

Cindy Baibe tearfully recounted her experience of being denied food at the funeral when she had expected to be fed.

Expressing her frustration, she said she received a dismissive response when she asked for food, revealing that she was only offered water.

“I was only given water. I wasn’t given any food and they told me to go and buy soda and mandazi. I was really hungry and I was even willing to queue for some food.

Prince Mwiti expressed his dissatisfaction with the organisation of Chira’s funeral:

“Chira’s money was misused. He once said that Baba Talisha (the organiser of the funeral) was using him for fame. The burial didn’t justify the Sh350,000 spent. They mismanaged Chira’s money”.

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Another TikToker criticised the behaviour of the content creators:

“You didn’t give the family a chance to bury their loved one properly. Your chaotic behaviour brought shame to you at Chira’s funeral”.

Dem Wa Facebook added her perspective:

“Hanna Benta, calm down. Leave Baba Talisha alone. You should show respect at people’s funerals. Don’t interfere with his mourning.”

Another TikToker warned those attending Chira’s funeral to be careful, suggesting that his death was not natural: “Chira’s death wasn’t expected. So be careful if you’re pregnant or bringing a child with you”.

Brian Chira, just 23 years old, was sadly killed in a hit-and-run accident in Karuri, Kiambu County.

A friend who was with him at a local club said Chira had been drinking.

When it was time to go home, he didn’t have any money or his phone, which was with another friend he had been partying with.