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I’m unable to dump Otile Brown – Nabayet

Otile Brown’s Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet has revealed she has tried to end their relationship many times but they keep rekindling their love.

Nabayet said she has tried to walk away from Otile but each time she finds herself back with him due to a “bond”.

Nabayet resides in Australia and Brown in Kenya. She now says she is uncomfortable with the long-distance relationship and it’s the sole reason that she has tried numerous times to call it quits.

“Long-distance is not easy at all and it has been the hardest experience. When you create that bond with someone you’ll have to fight for it. We have tried calling it quits so many times. People were always asking why we were not together but that was never the case, sometimes you are just tired of fighting.” Nabayet revealed in an interview with Shaffie Weru.

But distance is not the only thing that has been causing havoc in their relationship.

In an interview with Jalang’o, Otile revealed that many times he has had arguments with Nabayet with the lass having a mindset that the singer was not serious with their relationship and is only out to waste her time and use her.

“When we first got into the relationship she wasn’t sure about it, like it did not matter how much I told her nakupenda. I don’t think I have ever loved a woman the way I love that chic coz ni mwanamke hana story mingi. She is the type of woman ukimkosea she will just cry. So it was always a struggle like so many times we are having the same discussion. Anytime I tell her I really care about you, I love you anasema no, you are just playing with me” Brown narrated.

He says this was the reason he ended up dedicating a love song to her Nabayet, just to express his true feelings towards her.

The two love birds met in Australia while Otile was on a tour. Prior they had been speaking on the phone for seven months.