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Impala Club turf wars spill over to court

By VINCENT AGOYA February 11th, 2015 1 min read

A member of the Impala Club in Nairobi has been charged in court for intimidating the chairman Dr Tonny Monda in the latest development to the wrangles at the club.

Mr Kenneth Wamae is alleged to have hacked private members’ e-mail  accounts and used a pseudonym to send “menacing” messages to the effect that Dr Monda was running down the club.

Police say the complainant started receiving hate messages in January in which “he was being accused of not being a good leader.”

“In one of the messages the suspects wrote to members he mentioned that the chairman had issued a bouncing cheque which spoiled the club,” a covering report in the police case file states.

It is alleged that on January 21, Mr Wamae wrote an e-mail to all Impala Club members, including Dr Monda, explaining to them the character of the complainant “who he accused of mismanaging the club affairs.”


The prosecution on Wednesday said that in one of the e-mail rants, Mr Wamae posed an abusive and menacing message stating that “we have been dealing with rogues dear members” which was deemed offensive to the chairman.

The complainant reported the matter the matter to police and after examination of the e-mail it was discovered that they originated from Mr Wamae and he was charged with the offence of misuse of a licensed communication.

According to investigations the emails were found to have originated from the address Kenneth

“The accused was an ordinary member and was eyeing the seat of the complainant,”the police report states.

Mr Wamae denied the charge and was released on a cash bail of Sh 10,000. The hearing is set for May 4, 2015.