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In need of some quality family time? Please, stay away from the Love Land

Parks are places to take your family out for a stroll or just to relax, but this particular one is the last place you can a family outing. Unless of course you are prepared to answer questions about the kinky human sculptures.

Welcome to the ‘Sex Park’; its called Love Land and you can find it in an island in South Korea.

Love Land is an outdoor sculpture park on the island of Jeju. The theme for Love Land is… you guessed it, love. Well, it’s actually a sex themed sculpture park.

A nude sculpture of a woman in an erotic position at Jeju's Love Land.
A nude sculpture of a woman in an erotic position at Jeju’s Love Land.

Opened in 2004, the park whose predominant theme is sex, runs sex education films and features 140 sculptures representing humans in various sexual positions.

It also has other elements such as large phallus statues, stone labia and hands-on exhibits such as a masturbation-cycle.

Everything about Jeju’s Love Land is related to sex – from the gates, to the welcome signs, to the arrows pointing you in which direction to take, to the knobs on the doors in the restroom, and even the way the soap were placed on the sinks! Some are suggestive others are subtle yet some are just plain in your face – this is about sex!

A highly suggestive sculpture of a human hand caught in the act...
A highly suggestive sculpture of a human hand caught in the act…


Every item, sculpture, object at the park comes with an accompanying name plate.

They’ve taken puns and innuendos to a whole new level! If not for these touches of humor, the whole place looks like a porn heaven.

They graphically depict all sorts of sexy situations between humans, animals and humans and animals.

A giant male genitalia
A giant male genitalia

The park is about the size of two soccer fields and takes about an hour to see – less, if you just want a quickie.

The sexy sculptures were created by a group of art school graduates from Seoul’s Hongik University and have become sort of a crash course in sex education for honeymooners from other parts of South Korea, many of whom had their marriage arranged and thus aren’t familiar with each other.

However, if you already are familiar with your partner – and sex in general – Jeju Love Land might be a good refresher course as the photos in the gallery amply demonstrate.